How a valid email list earns you money

How a valid email list earns you money

The Data and Marketing Association reported that "66% of online consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message."
McKinsey noted that email acquires customers at a rate "almost 40 times faster than Facebook and Twitter."
According to Campaign Monitor: "For a dollar spent, email marketing generates a return on investment of $ 38.

Email is not only an effective marketing channel to boost sales, it also allows you to access a variety of marketing opportunities. Here's a short list of the benefits that capturing an email provides to your business:

• Increase in traffic conversion
• Identify a site visitor (most are anonymous)
• Trigger automated email campaigns
• Trigger basket abandonment campaigns (for e-commerce)
• Power Facebook advertising campaigns (custom audiences and similar audiences)
A double-optin email is the most valuable conversion outside of a real sales conversion.
However, to get the benefits of email, you need a list of prospects in the market.

How to get more emails?

To attract more skilled emails into your system, marketers work long hours writing newsletters, writing blog posts, creating contests, creating content portals, and calibrating opt-in programs offering discounts or free shipping.

E-mail registration popups have proven to be a particularly powerful driver for mailing list growth. They allow companies to attract visitors to the website, post a marketing message and submit a registration form by e-mail in highly visible places on the site.

E-mail pop-ups lead visitors to ask, "Does this interest me?" This is important because many companies will never invite a visitor to make a decision. You may have a group of interested visitors who visit your website daily, but unless you ask a relevant question, you will rarely be able to identify and convert those visitors.

While capturing emails is essential, there is one important detail to remember:

You can not market an invalid address

Email works by effectively linking merchants to their prospects and customers. But invalid email addresses can bypass this connection, just as marketers are trying to do. Bad data negates all the work that marketers have done to get it.

Invalid email addresses in your system should not be a symptom of malicious activity. They could be the result of honest mistakes. Sometimes users try to register, distort their address and miss the connection they really wanted to make.

Keep your email list clean from the beginning

Using a tool to check emails as they arrive will save you time, save resources, and ultimately, avoid losing customers because of mistakes you could have easily made. .

You can integrate HardBounceCleaner verification with the promotions you do. Whenever data enters your digital marketing process, verification is essential.

HardBounceCleaner automatically invites prospects to correct their mistakes. You'll reduce your bounce rate, improve deliverability, and increase your overall return on investment. After all, a missed inbox is a missed opportunity for a conversion.

Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with your customers. But it only works if their address is valid. Do not let a misspelling turn into a missed opportunity.