Why should you clean your email list now

Why should you clean your email list now

Les fausses adresses e-mail qui se retrouvent dans votre liste de marketing par e-mail sont à la fois frustrantes et dommageables pour vos campagnes. 
Not only do you waste time and you pay a fee to send it to this email, but it also affects your sender's reputation and the deliverability of the inbox to take that risk.
Our data suggests that about 15% of all e-mail addresses are invalid. This means that if you do not check your list, your message does not reach one in seven recipients.
However, marketers know that it is essential to check your list before each campaign.

Here are some key benefits of checking your mailing list before clicking send and how you can check them:

1. Lower bounce rate:It may seem like any other measure of email marketing to consider, but email providers, blacklist operators and anti-spam networks monitor your bounce rates and hold them in high esteem. This information is then used to prioritize your emails sent to the inbox.

2. Best reputation of the sender:a high bounce rate usually lowers the reputation of the sender, which can eventually lead you to a blacklist and spam folder. By cleaning up your mailing list before each campaign, you're removing the wrong addresses, which reduces your bounce rates and protects your sender's reputation.

3. Good performance of the campaign:bouncing emails impact the results of your campaign - an undeliverable email will obviously never be associated with your message. With a large number of undeliverable emails, there are no significant opening, clicks, or conversion rates to evaluate the actual performance of your campaign.

It is quite easy to ensure that the email address is correctly formatted (@ symbol, .com, etc.) and that the email domain can send and receive emails. HardBounceCleaner goes even further and connects directly to the real-time mail server to check if the email address exists.
This real-time verification method is 97% accurate for consumer, business, and international e-mail addresses.